TRI 1: Integrated Net-zero-emissions Energy System

The main objetive of TRI 1 is to develop the optimised, integrated European net-zero emissions energy system, where electricity distribution and transmission grids are seen as the “backbone” of the future low-carbon energy systems with a high level of integration among all energy carrier networks, by e.g. coupling electricity networks with gas, heating and cooling networks, supported by energy storage and power conversion processes.

TRI 1 selected projects will have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate solutions and instruments to build and operate the future energy system:

  • based on the electric grid, given that electricity is the main vector for renewable energy
  • characterized by the integration of different energy vectors, grids and systems (gas, fuels, hydrogen) through storage and P2X
  • in which renewable energy consumption is maximized, introducing flexibility services along the value chain
  • pervaded by digital technologies



TRI 1 Office
Giuseppe Palazzo (RSE, IT)