Impact & Exploitation

The Impact Network

The CETPartnership aims to guarantee the exploitation of the results created by projects funded by the partnership. 

The Impact Network is a resource for reaching out to need-owners and other stakeholder groups that are relevant for the implementation of clean energy solutions in European countries, regions and local communities. It includes Living Labs, validation test beds, industry associations, innovation clusters, and networks of SMEs and start-ups across Europe. 

To enhance collaboration within the Impact Network and maximize project impact, the Impact Library will offer a versatile collection of methodologies. This library empowers project teams to navigate exploitation, covering research, validation, demonstration, and identifying relevant value chains.

Coupled with training and networking events, these methodologies assist projects in strategically exploiting their Key Exploitable Results and in ensuring short- and long-term impact in society. The comprehensive selection of methodologies in the library guides projects toward commercial, policy, and societal exploitation, providing practical guidance and distilling best practices.

These resources equip project teams with the essential tools to effectively engage with stakeholders, adapt to the ever-evolving market landscape, and identify suitable partners for subsequent phases of exploitation.

Impact & Exploitation in a nutshell: What’s in it for you?

Impact Network

The Impact Network brings together a number of intermediary stakeholders and need owners in the clean energy landscape. It can help in finding suitable exploitation and commercialization partners.

Impact Libary

Impact-boosting tools & methods for the projects, TRIs and stakeholders enabling them to get the most out of their collaboration, such as:

  • Instructional videos
  • Training webinars
  • Guidelines
  • Workshop concepts
  • Best practice stories

Events for the clean energy & stakeholder community aim at:

  • Insights for topics critical to the Clean Energy Transition
  • Joint understanding of transition pathways and obstacles
  • Training: impact, exploitation, commercialization 
  • Networking & matchmaking
 Value for stakeholders

As a stakeholder in the Impact network, you can benefit from the knowledge exchange, collaborative RDI opportunities, and market insights co-created in our events. Expect to attract potential developers and collaborators and actively participate in the development and commercialization of cutting-edge technologies and solutions.