CETPartnership Knowledge Community

Knowledge Community

The CETPartnership implements innovative knowledge creation and transfer activities in the framework of the CETPartnership Knowledge Community.  By means of co-creation activities, it aims at leveraging knowledge exchange and generation between all CETPartnership funded projects and with national and international experts to create synergies.

To this end, the Knowledge Community links experts from the funded projects and players from other national, transnational and international CETPartnership activities. It also provides connections to policy makers, stakeholder organisations, programme owners, SMEs and academia from outside the Knowledge Community offering knowledge and supporting them in making strategic decisions.

To involve such key stakeholder groups, the Knowledge Community works closely together with the CETPartnership Impact and Exploitation team that can contribute to exploitation with important knowledge, tools and workshops.

Based on project monitoring results and feedback exchange, co-creation in the Knowledge Community takes place for instance in the framework of working groups along the cross-cutting dimensions stemming from the CETPartnership Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda.

Cooperation and knowledge are being managed on the comprehensive CETPartnership digital collaboration platform including e.g. tools and workspaces for Working Group Management or discussion fora on thematic or cross-cutting challenges related to the clean energy transition.


CETPartnership Knowledge Community in a nutshell: What’s in it for you?

Mutual learning

Exchange knowledge with CETPartnership and other RDI projects to create efficient synergies for your RDI activities

Co-creation of knowledge

Co-create joint understanding of thematic and cross-cutting challenges across funded projects and extract strategic knowledge for the clean energy transition

Results exploitation

Get your results ready for exploitation and to be adopted by (inter-)national need owners

European knowledge base

Benefit from European knowledge base incl. thematic experts

Community feeling

Join a community of international experts in the "family of projects“

Future calls

Get ideas and partners for future calls

Your involvement in the Knowledge Community

For CETPartnership funded projects

To guarantee the derivation of strategic knowledge across projects, the participation of selected projects in the Knowledge Community activities is mandatory.

For project applicants

The Knowledge Community is an integral part of the CETPartnership. It is therefore important that project applicants fully consider this concept and its content during the application process.

Open to further RDI experts

The CETPartnership Knowledge Community is not a closed community. Further experts in the field of Research, Development and Innovation are welcome to join and contribute to state-of-the-art knowledge co-creation and benefit from exploitation opportunities in the clean energy sector.

If you would like to join the Knowledge Community or if you have any questions, please contact: Knowledgecommunity @ cetpartnership.eu