CM2024-03 Advanced renewable energy (RE) technologies for power production (A/B)

Call Module 2024 (A/B) on 'Advanced renewable energy (RE) technologies for power production' goes in the line of continuity with the previous Call, addressing relevant R&I priorities to support the development of a broad portfolio of cost-efficient RE technologies related to Bioenergy (for power applications); Concentrated Solar Power and Solar Thermal; Ocean energy and offshore renewables; Photovoltaic; Wind, as well hybridization and integration of different RES or storage solutions.

Projects are expected to contribute to achieving the specific SET Plan Implementation Plans targets in terms of cost, efficiency, circularity and sustainability, supporting the EU energy strategies for the transition towards a clean energy system based on high shares of renewables for power production.

CM2023-03A calls for ROA (Research-Oriented Approach) projects, and CM2023-03B calls for IOA (Innovation-Oriented Approach) projects.