Probabilistic Sector coupling Optimizer

In this project, a new concept for energy management systems (EMS) to increase the share of renewable energies in the electrical energy system is being researched and developed. The EMS is based on a probabilistic digital twin (PDT) and optimises the load flow between decentralised power plants and electrical loads of the electricity and heat sectors. Unlike conventional digital twins, the PDT considers uncertainties and inaccuracies in dynamic risk models that occur at the low-voltage level due to a lack of (metering) data. In addition to the share of renewable energies, the EMS increases the security of supply by intelligently shifting critical load peaks over time without restricting consumer behaviour. The EMS will be demonstrated in a quarter of the Sennestadt in Bielefeld as a living lab in regional energy infrastructure. The project is characterised by the active engagement of local stakeholders, international industry partners and international universities and enables the development of replicable and scalable model solutions, which will subsequently be examined for their respective national implementation possibilities. The research project is intended to increase the acceptance of energy management solutions and enable their dissemination and further development at European level. In addition, new business models of energy communities will be analysed that enable market access for private individuals.