Projects Welcome Package


The Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETPartnership) warmly welcomes our new projects of the Joint Call 2022, the first Joint Call within this Partnership.

With this welcome package, we would like to provide you, as project partners, project managers and owners, with information and tools for project management and communication for your project activities within our initiative. Furthermore, the CETPartnership implements follow-up, monitoring and exploitation activities in the framework of the CETPartnership Monitoring, Knowledge Community and Impact & Exploitation teams, which will be also described in this package.

SUMMARY OF IMPORTANT DATES AND NEXT STEPS (more information in the chapters below):

  • We kindly invite you to an onboarding event for Joint Call 2022 projects on 17th of January 2024, where we will provide you with all major information you will need to kickstart your project activities. You will receive a calendar invitation with more details.
  • Project´s Reporting: Joint Call 2022 projects will have to start their first transnational annual report end of 2024 / early 2025 (mandatory). The reporting template will be sent out for information in spring 2024. More information will be presented in the onboarding event for Joint Call 2022 projects (see above).
  • Project´s Reporting: A dedicated webinar will be organized late 2024 providing information and guidance for this reporting.
  • Digital Collaboration Platform: You will receive an email with registration information to our platform once it is launched (to be expected in January 2024; registration mandatory).
  • Knowledge Community: The transition initiative (‘TRI’) related to your call module and the topic of your project can reach out to you in 2024 to participate in topical events, working groups and/or other relevant activities via (participation mandatory)
  • Knowledge Community: The first Knowledge Community cross-cutting Working Group meeting will take place in late spring 2024 (participation mandatory)
  • Impact & Exploitation: impact-related training and stakeholder engagement events are published on our B2match platform and projects are very welcome to register and attend the events via (participation recommended)
  • Impact & Exploitation: the launch of the Impact network and the Impact library of methodologies will take place in autumn 2024.


Information and tools for project management and communication

One-stop-shop for your questions

If you have any questions about reporting, communication requirements or your further involvement in the Monitoring, Knowledge Community or the Impact and Exploitation activities, please contact the Support Team via These activities are managed by different CETPartnership management bodies and persons. Below each chapter you will find your contact person.

Project Change Request

If any project changes occur, e.g. change in budget, project coordinator or extension requests, please contact your national funding agency for approval, as well as the Support Team via


Your Project´s Communication

Communication is key for reaching your target audience with your project’s results, activities and achievements. Hence, communication should be an integral part of CETPartnership funded projects’ activities.

Develop your communication strategy. Your project will start with a communication strategy, which will be your travel guide and reference during the whole journey. Take the strategy you have presented in your application and develop it further. It considers the context of the Call, your project progress as well as help you to identify the time and resources you need to communicate your project.


  • Establish a website (mandatory)
  • Engage on social media (both personal and institutional accounts) (recommended)
  • Distribute newsletters (recommended)
  • Produce factsheets (recommended)


  • Organize events such as conferences and symposiums (recommended)
  • Hold meetings with project teams and experts (recommended)
  • Engage with the press (recommended)
  • Use the CETPartnership Matchmaking Platform (recommended)


  • For all written materials, including papers published in scientific journals and policy briefs, indicate the following sentence: “This research was funded by CETPartnership, the European Partnership under Joint Call 2022 for research proposals, co-funded by the European Commission (GA N°101069750) and with the funding organisations listed on the CETPartnership website.”
  • Please note that being part of CETPartnership initiative, funded projects are expected to promote the vision of CETPartnership. Therefore, the CETPartnersip will provide you with CETPartnership mandatory Communication guidelines, which will be presented to you during the onboarding event on 17th of January (see above). This guide aims to support beneficiaries of CETPartnership Calls, in their communication activities. It has been developed by the CETPartnership Communication Office as a practical handbook, to explain how your project can meet its regulatory obligations in this field and points to possible ways to best communicate the activities and outcomes of your project.

Contact: Antonio Vargas, Communication Office

CETPartnership´s Digital Collaboration Platform soon-to-be-ready for you to use

Cooperation and knowledge are being managed on the CETPartnership digital collaboration platform DISCCO (Digital Information System for Communication and Collaboration). As the main workspace for CETPartnership members, DISCCO will facilitate communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing between project representatives and other members. They will be able to easily connect with each other, share documents and data, manage projects, participate in discussions, and access a wide range of knowledge and resources.

Important: You will receive an email with registration information to our Digital collaboration platform once the platform is launched (to be expected January 2024; registration mandatory).

Contact: Andreas Corusa, Knowledge Community Management


Your Project’s Profile

Your project profile is now visible on the CETPartnership website and you can check what other projects are out and about. Project data will be exchanged between the website and the collaboration platform DISCCO once launched. If you like to update your project's profile, please contact us via


Project Reporting and Monitoring

CETPartnership projects are required to annually report to the initiative via the CETPartnership digital collaboration platform DISCCO (see above). The reporting periods are

  • after first project year (first transnational annual report),
  • after second project year (second transnational annual report) and
  • at the end of the project (transnational final report).

Important: This transnational reporting is complementary to the national / regional reporting for which the respective rules and requirements apply. National requirements of reporting are not included in this summary as they vary across countries/funding agencies.

The reporting will include the following sections: Publishable summary, Work progress, Dissemination and Communication, Thematic and cross-cutting issues as well as Achievements and findings (results, impact, exploitation and indicators). The reporting template will be sent for information in spring 2024.

Importantly, the transnational reports will provide input to the connected activities in the Knowledge Community and Impact Support creating added-value to the projects and participants.

Important Dates:

  • Joint Call 2022 projects will have to start their first transnational annual report end of 2024 / early 2025 (mandatory). More information will be presented in the Onboarding event for Joint Call 2022 projects on 17th of January 2024 (see above).
  • The reporting template will be sent out for information in spring 2024.
  • A dedicated webinar will be organized late 2024 providing information and guidance for this reporting.

Contact: Anita Fasel, Monitoring Management


The CETPartnership Knowledge Community

The CETPartnership implements advanced and innovative knowledge management and transfer activities in the framework of the CETPartnership Knowledge Community. By means of co-creation activities, it aims at leveraging knowledge exchange and generation between all CETPartnership funded projects and with national and international experts to create synergies. Furthermore, it will operate a knowledge platform on DISCCO to make research results available and strengthen multilateral collaboration between research, industry, policy, and society from countries across Europe as well as to link it with other European knowledge platforms.

The TRIs are an integral part of the CETPartnership Knowledge Community. The TRIs intend to interact with you, as a funded project, in line with European or international collaboration landscape and the needs of the various topics. The way the TRIs organize the interaction with you as funded project may be different from TRI to TRI. Always using similar tools, such as workshops and working groups, but not necessarily with the same frequency. Your TRI leads will contact you to update you on their plans via

To involve key stakeholder groups, the Knowledge Community is connected to the CETPartnership Impact & Exploitation team (see below) that supports exploitation with important knowledge and tools. Based on project monitoring results and feedback exchange, co-creation in the Knowledge Community takes place in different formats, for instance in the framework of a working group, along the cross-cutting dimensions stemming from the CETPartnership Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda.

Important Dates:

  • The first Knowledge Community Working Group meeting on a selected cross-cutting dimension will take place in late spring 2024 (participation mandatory).
  • The TRI related to your call module and the topic of your project can reach out to you in 2024 to participate in topical events, working groups or other relevant activities via (participation mandatory)

Contact: Katharina Reffel, Knowledge Community Management


The CETPartnership Impact & Exploitation

The CETPartnership aims to guarantee the exploitation of the results created by projects funded by the partnership. An Impact Network will be established with partners that can help to reach out to all stakeholder groups that are relevant for the implementation of clean energy solutions in European countries, regions and local communities. The Impact Network approach expands the typical RDI ecosystems and connects them with need owners, potential customers, decision makers, Living Labs and Testbeds, SMEs and start-ups, follow-up financers, etc., from different parts of Europe. This support aims to spread the impact of the CETPartnership RDI activities beyond the established RDI communities.

To facilitate collaboration with Impact Network stakeholders and to further bolster the impact of the projects, the Impact & Exploitation team will also build an extensive Impact-boosting concept library of methodologies (Impact Library). This library serves as an invaluable resource tailored to empower project teams in effectively navigating exploitation, encompassing research, validation, demonstration, and the identification of relevant value chains for the projects’ results. These methodologies, coupled with corresponding capacity-building and networking events, collectively assist projects in strategizing the exploitation of their Key Exploitable Results.

The library, through its comprehensive selection of methodologies, aids projects in charting a course towards commercial, policy, and societal exploitation by offering practical guidance and distilling best practices. These resources equip project teams with the essential tools to effectively engage with stakeholders, adapt to the ever-evolving market landscape, and identify suitable partners for subsequent phases of exploitation.

As with the knowledge community, your TRI may organize specific impact network related activities in due time.

Important Dates:

  • The capacity-building events and stakeholder engagement events take place around the year. They are published on our B2match platform (see more information below). You are very welcome to register and attend the events via (participation recommended)
  • The launch of the Impact Network and the Impact Library will take place in autumn 2024.

Contact: Tanja Suni, Impact Network Management


CETPartnership activities

You can get information on the latest CETpartnership activities via different channels:

  • CETPartnership Website: here you will receive all main information on the CETPartnership including background information on the Partnership, our Transition Initiatives, Joint Calls and Events.
  • Event and Matchmaking platform: We invite you to become part of our community of change makers from researchers, corporates, entrepreneurs, policy makers to visionaries who have created scalable and impactful solutions towards a climate neutral world. By registering to this platform you find access to our events, you will receive news about upcoming funding and networking opportunities and find project partners to build a consortium for CETPartnership Joint Calls to develop your project idea.
  • Social media: you can also follow us on different channels:


About the CETPartnership Initiative

The CETPartnership is a multilateral and strategic partnership of national and regional research, development and innovation (RDI) programmes in European Member States and Associated Countries, aiming to boost and accelerate the energy transition and to support the implementation of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan).

The TRIs are configurations of CETPartnership members in order to work together on a specific thematic challenge defined in the CETPartnership Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. The CETPartnership has 7 TRIs focusing on the RDI Challenges described in the SRIA.

Find out more at

Your contact persons at CETPartnership in a nutshell

  • TRI 1: Giuseppe Palazzo
  • TRI 2: Rachele Nocera
  • TRI 3: Aage Stangeland
  • TRI 4: Gerdi Breembroek
  • TRI 5: Angela Berger
  • TRI 6: Hannele Holttinen
  • TRI 7: Thomas Biel
  • Monitoring Management: Anita Fasel
  • Knowledge Community Management: Katharina Reffel
  • Impact Network Management: Tanja Suni
  • Communication Office: Antonio Vargas


The CETPartnership Funding Partners


The CETPartnership enables national and regional RTDI programme owners and managers from 30 countries to align their priorities, pool national budgets and implement annual joint calls. Please visit our website for detailed information on our funding partners.