Unlocking the Full Potential of Electrolysis with Next-Generation Proton Exchange Membrane Stacks

A major outcome of the UNICORN project will be a step-wise change in the development of proton exchange membrane water electrolyser (PEMWE) stacks with the potential to disrupt the current electrolyser landscape that relies exclusively on perfluorinated membranes, platinum-coated titanium bipolar plates, and high loadings of iridium catalyst. These materials result in large capital expenditure costs and, ultimately, a prohibitively expensive cost of green hydrogen. The unique operating design of HYSTAR's PEMWE stacks coupled with the reduced cost and increased sustainability aspects of hydrocarbon membranes, coated stainless steel bipolar plates, and reduced iridium loadings will provide increased rates of hydrogen production at a significantly reduced cost. These innovations will contribute directly to the increased adoption of green hydrogen technologies, helping Europe reach its emissions reduction targets and strengthen European excellence in the area of green hydrogen.