A Business Model-Oriented Platform with Applications for Developing Local Electricity Markets and Accelerating Clean Energy Transition

We aim to develop and validate a business model-oriented platform with applications (SMART-LEM) for developing Local Electricity Markets (LEM) and accelerating clean energy transition. It will be a digital solution that will consist of business models to address the practical necessities of end-users: 1) prosumers 3) aggregators; 3) market participants of LEM. Therefore, we will create business models that will support prosumers, aggregators and LEM by providing applications to increase the efficient operation of energy assets. We will propose market-based trading mechanisms, auctions and settlement procedures, calculating key performance indicators to show the benefits of aggregation and local trading. Strategically, this platform will activate prosumer and other communities’ members to trade the surplus and flexibility, extend the usage of the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and increase the revenue. Our mission focuses on relevant local need-owners (grid operators, SME, municipalities, aggregators) that have a central role in the problem definition, solution identification and practical implementation of the project. This proposal is relevant to CET call as it will provide a platform with applications, that will contribute to solving real challenges related to aggregators and LEM. This solution is scalable and can be replicated to ensure digitalization and extension from local to the integrated regional energy market with wider participation, allowing high shares of RES.