Photovoltaic Thermal For Europe

The green and digital transitions of the European economy and its energy systems require sustainable, secure, and climate-neutral technologies. The industrial sector is a major energy consumer in the European Union (EU) accounting for a third of its final energy consumption, which mainly comes from fossil fuels. To reach net-zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in the EU economy by 2050 the decarbonization of the industrial and the built environment must be achieved, which requires a significant increase in the penetration of renewable energies. Heating, cooling, and electricity supply are therefore critical. Thermal energy alone represents nearly three-quarters of the total final energy consumption of the industrial sector, followed by electricity. This energy demand can be provided by innovative hybrid solar technologies such as photovoltaic thermal (PVT) collectors. In order for PVT technologies to be capable of meeting the energy consumption requirements, breakthrough and game-changing technologies need to be developed, demonstrated, and launched into the market with an appropriate market strategy. This proposal envisions improved design of two PVT collector designs as well as comprehensive systems development for a successful PVT integration, such as innovative storage or heat pumps, which allows these systems to provide peak cooling or heating at some latitudes. Furthermore, a business plan to achieve market penetration will also be developed.