Novel paths towards next generation heterojunction solar cell and module

“NORD STORM” is to develop next generation industrial silicon heterojunction (SHJ) solar cell and modules which exceed the current amorphous Si based SHJ technologies through several breakthrough technologies: industrially compatible thin film deposition of transition metal oxide to optimize passivation, carrier-selectivity and transparency; new transparent conductive coating to avoid Indium consumption; reliable Cu based metallization and polymer based electrically conductive adhesive used interconnection to reduce the Ag consumption for cost saving. As a goal, the conversion efficiency of the next generation SHJ cell will reach over 25%.
The new technology development in this project will push the solar cell conversion efficiency to a new level beyond the current passivated emitter and rear cells (PERC). Additionally, we will demonstrate this new technology in perovskite/silicon tandem architecture with efficiencies above 30%. In the meantime, the consumption of the Ag and indium will be benefit to both cost reduction and sustainability. The consortium comes from 3 different countries with leading research institutions and active industry partners in Europe within PV research community, will develop the technologies from TRL of around 3-4 to 6 in this project, thus to strength the Europe leadership within PV. Due to the applied breakthrough technologies, the project is quite relevant to Module 2.2 (TRI 2): Through breakthrough R&D to increase the energy efficiency.