Low Cost Molten Salt Thermal Energy Storage for Industrial Processes

LoCoMoSa will reduce emissions from Industry as well as remove carbon Emissions from Industry by implementing a medium voltage electrical heater and molten salt thermal energy storage in medium-temperature industrial processes. Industry has been the slowest sector to move to renewable energy use, with only 13% of energy (mostly biomass) being sourced from renewables today. Given that the sector is the second-largest global emitter of energy-related CO2, its share of renewables will need to rise significantly to help meet climate change targets. Electrical heaters coupled to renewable electricity can decarbonize and therefore eliminate CO2 emissions from a large portion of industrial processes. Due to the temporal variability in solar and wind energy, it is imperative to have a storage system to enable 24/7 operation of processes. LoCoMoSa aims to demonstrate ground-breaking technologies to achieve a cost-effective molten salt thermal energy storage system to supply processes between 120° and 450° C, such as pulp and paper, chemistry and food and beverage. The main expected results compared to the state of the art are: a medium voltage electrical heater that will significantly reduce the power-to-heat conversion cost, a novel additively manufactured steam generator, and an optimized molten salt storage system based on local electricity prices and heat demand from the industrial process.