Industrial process Steam Supply – DEMOnstration of a ultra-dynamic thermal energy storage

The mission of ISSDEMO is to enable energy transition in industrial applications with focus on process steam. ISSDEMO project aims at TRI 6 Integrated industrial energy systems. To increase the share of renewable energies in industrial process steam applications, energy storage devices are needed, that are flexible, efficient, and highly dynamic. Our goal is to demonstrate these characteristics with a high-temperature latent heat storage based on molten metal. We will demonstrate the efficiency and functionality for high temperature applications (250°C – 500°C) and the production of process steam. Our storage device will reach TRL 7 starting from TRL 5. We will implement and demonstrate the technology in an industrial process steam application with a capacity of about 1 MWh. We will operate the unit for at least 300 cycles and 1,000 operational hours.
Our high temperature energy storage as a central element of a Power-to-Heat for process steam application will help industry to increase the share of renewable energies and enable a flexible partial electrification. As existing infrastructure can be used, ISSDEMO focusses an efficient and low-cost process integration and thus a quick reduction of CO2 emission from industry. Besides ISSDEMO will address the process integration in various industries (chemical, pulp & paper, food and beverages) in use case scenarios.