Gas Processing for Climate Neutral Steelmaking

The GreenSmith project demonstrates the recovery of both H2 and Syngas with CO2 capture from the main residual steel gases of all steelmaking routes. The core of this gas processing technology is the Sorption Enhanced Water Gas Shift technology. The project expands the flexibility of SEWGS in recovering high pressure syngas product for use in direct reduction process (DRP) and synthetic fuel production at TRL 5. The recovery of H2 and Syngas from both H2- and CH4- based Direct Reduction Process (DRP) gases is also demonstrated at TRL 5. The cross-cutting dimensions of GreenSmith implementation is evaluated by life-cycle-analysis (LCA) and Techno-Economic-Analysis (TEA), achieving CO2 footprint as low as 0.3 tonCO2/tonsteel with a final levelized cost of steel of 520 €/tonSteel. Jointly with a technology roadmap, a TRL 8 basic engineering package with cost estimate will be made in order to accelerate the subsequent construction of a follow up 50 ktCO2/y capture plant. The successful execution of GreenSmith will directly enable the construction of such plant, so that 4 years of operations are achieved by 2030, contributing to save the first 200 ktonCO2 via SEWGS technology. Dissemination, communication and implementation plans are built with the support of the whole consortium, which includes partners with diverse skills and expertise across different countries, creating a steelmaking innovation ecosystem.