FIWARE Driven Energy Communities for the Future

Today, energy systems include prosumers and energy communities, which have novel objectives. They can collect detailed information of their consumption and generation. ECom4Future is leveraging this information for a more efficient planning and operation. Using a human-centred, multidisciplinary approach we will provide additional insights on how technical, psychological as well as legal frameworks influence the public support and the willingness to participate more actively in future energy systems. Based on the analysis of collectible information at customer level, we will identify and use power profiles from various sources to support the planning operation of energy communities and prosumer, considering also psychological and legal environments. Using market-based optimisation algorithms we will offer tailor-made solutions for creating, structuring, and operating complex prosumer installations and energy communities. Using machine learning based fault detection and diagnostics the data will be leveraged to improve the availability and safety of the technical installation on a prosumer level. The effort will be demonstrated and validated within the five international ECom4Future trial sites and laboratories, which including a large-scale trial site with 140kWh of grid-connected battery storage capacity. With the observing participation of three energy communities, we strive for a continuous exchange of research insight and real-world experiences.