Cooperative Platform for Renewable Energy Storage Systems

The European power system is on the verge of an accelerating transformation through decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitalisation. In that context, CoPRESS aims at empowering electricity consumers to become actors with the freedom to choose how their distributed energy resources (DER) interact with the grid. CoPRESS project will address on how to relax the current trade-off between the customisation of solutions to individual circumstances and their scalability.
The central tenet of CoPRESS is cooperation at the three levels of technology, market and people. The project is based on the concept of “energy cells”, which facilitate the cooperation between network operators and new electricity actors e.g., industrial prosumers and citizen energy communities. It will use “data spaces” to foster collaboration on data exploitation and increase the predictive power of AI algorithms for diagnostics and forecasting. At the technology level, CoPRESS focuses on enhanced power management systems and interoperable microservices to increase the cooperation between heterogeneous energy resources. At the market level, the combination and hybridisation of storage technologies will enable the delivery of multiple services which will benefit both energy cells and network operators. Thanks to the interoperability of the microservices, different exploitation partners will be able to mix and match them on top of the data space to create custom platforms for their own use cases.