Carbon Rhine Route

The objective of this project is to establish the first commercial international multi-modal CO2 transport value chain in the Europe. The project will demonstrate the feasibility and viability of creating such value chains for all parties and establish framework agreements for all emitters to have an easy access to transport and storage services. The ambitious timeline of the project is key, as most discussions around CO2 transport networks consider starting beyond 2028. The project will demonstrate that CO2 can already be transported and stored from 2025 onwards, sending a clear signal across the continent on the opportunities to move much faster than we currently envisage at European level.

This project builds on the work developed under DemoUpCarma, a Swiss-based project led by ETH Z├╝rich, which demonstrated the feasibility of a transporting CO2 from Bern (Switzerland) to Iceland for geological storage by Carbfix. DemoUpCarma also studies and promotes the cluster approach and aggregation of volumes for the transport of the CO2. Hence, this project uses mostly proven technology but will innovate in the commercial agreements, incentive alignements and risk-sharing approaches.

The purpose of the project is fully aligned with the ambition of the call module, as it aims to accelerate the emergence of the first projects for CO2 capture and storage in onshore Europe beyond the coastal areas by demonstrating the feasibility and viability of its value chain.