Sustainable Antimony Chalcogenide Thin-Film TAndem Solar Technology

ACT-FAST addresses challenges of “Breakthrough R&D to increase RE power technologies efficiency, Call Module CH.2” with a forward-thinking concept to develop future, ubiquitous high efficiency, versatile, affordable and sustainable photovoltaic technology. Based on the emerging class of quasi-1D antimony chalcogenide Sb2(S,Se)3 compounds with steadily improving performance, ACT-FAST addresses the limitations of state of the art leading thin film technologies for top and bottom tandem cells, streamlining research efforts by focusing on the first time on a single family of compounds with tailorable properties and easily transferrable knowledge. ACT-FAST combines various R&D expertise in material science and optoelectronic devices, following a clear development pathway on improvement of bulk materials and interfaces, using innovative and realistic approaches. ACT-FAST will progress technology from TRL2 to TRL4, to demonstrate the viability of full antimony chalcogenide tandem solar cells with realistic efficiencies ≥20% and the ambition to define the technological roadmap for TRL≥5, after project lifetime, while keeping a low manufacturing cost and a comparable lifetime to c-Si. ACT-FAST will provide a unique R&I platform for boosting and empowering the capability of EU research groups and industry stakeholders, towards designing of flexible, low weight modules more suitable for building integrated PV, mobility and customised product integration applications.