Solar Energy Technologies: R&I Priorities in an international perspective
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The CETPartnership Transition Initiative 2 - Advanced renewable energy (RE) technologies for power production is organising three online sessions about solar, wind and ocean technologies to provide an opportunity to the clean energy research and innovation community to identify critical gaps in R&I for potential collaborative joint projects.

The first panel scheduled on the 14th of June will address solar energy technologies (PV and CSP/STE) including a round of interaction with our funded projects. The aim is provide a general vision about the solar technology and its role in the decarbonization from three different perspectives:

  1. Cost optimization of the different solar power technologies through advanced technologies and applications including thermal energy storage technologies for CSP/STE or batteries for Solar PV and O&M digitalization.

  2. Role of the CSP in the energy system including hybridization perspectives

  3. Sustainability of solar PV: Reduction of environmental impact on material processes and products (Recycling, repair, etc.), LCA (Materials, Water use, Land Use, etc.).

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