Norwegian Funding Opportunities in the CETP 2024 Call
Norwegian Infoday 10 June 2024
local own event
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We invite all interested stakeholders to join the information event to learn more about Norwegian funding opportunities and Norwegian eligibility criteria in the upcoming CETP call.

JOIN the webinar here on b2match.


At the webinar you will meet case officers from the Research Council of Norway answering questions within the following topics:

  • Aage Stangeland – CCS ad hydrogen
  • Marianne Haavardsholm Aandahl – Renewable energy
  • Per Arne Karlsen – Geothermal energy and Heating & cooling technologies

The event will be in Norwegian unless some participants prefer English. Feel free to contact Aage Stangeland at if there should be any questions.

  • Short presentation of the CETP 2024 Call
  • Norwegian requirements to applicants
  • Questions and answers