CETPartnership Annual Conference 2024
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The CETPartnership Annual Conference 2024 brings together stakeholders in the clean energy transition for two days on 22 – 23 October. During several sessions, participants get the chance to contribute to important policy discussions, learn more about how CETPartnership contributes to achieving the clean energy transition goals and engage in networking with several stakeholders.

What can you expect from the event?

  • Follow latest policy discussions and research results on burning topics of the clean energy transition.

  • Get new insights from experts on the role of research and innovation in addressing the clean energy transition.

  • Discover the key thematic challenges addressed by CETPartnership

  • Get to know CETPartnership funded projects and their endeavours

  • Learn about how the CETPartnership leverages research results in their Knowledge Community and Impact Network activities

  • Clarify all open questions and find potential project partners for the CETPartnership Joint Call 2024

In the morning of Day 1, we organised a policy session with interesting keynote speakers and panel discussions on the important topic of sustainable supply chains in Europe and beyond. The three key takeaways were:

  1. Europe faces considerate challenges for its energy supply chains such as critical mineral shortages.

  2. Research and innovation play an important role in addressing these challenges.

  3. To achieve a sustainable energy transition, interdisciplinary collaboration between research, industry, and society is crucial.

“Europe needs to stay a powerhouse in research and programmes such as the Clean Energy Transition Partnership contribute to this.”
Rosalinde van der Vlies, European Commission, Director for Clean Planet

In the morning of Day 2, we put RTDI projects in the center along the seven key topical challenges of CETPartnership. You can check out the recordings of all the sessions at the CETPartnership Annual Conference 2023 on our CETPartnership YouTube Channel.

Register here on our events and matchmaking platform. We look forward to an equally successful conference in 2024!