Large-scale wind integration for the future digital power grid using innovative power electronics control and communication-based estimations

The aim of this project is to develop innovative solutions for the power system architecture and transmission for offshore wind power plants (OWPP), by exploiting the most advanced communication, power electronics and control technologies to ensure breakthrough improvements of the power system operation under different system scenarios and operating conditions. 
The project has a great potential to make a considerable impact both for a large pool of industries involved in the design, component fabrication and deployment of OWPP and for the wide-spread diffusion of offshore wind power technologies. Indeed, the technical solutions and knowledge generated in this project will make an important step towards a more effective and secure integration of offshore wind power generation.
The relevance to the call, and more specifically to module 2.2, is extremely high, as the project is targeting the development and integration of innovative technologies for the future development of offshore wind power plants. Moreover, the proposed team includes a synergic collaboration of complementary expertise between universities and the partner companies enriching the international collaboration the CETPartnership is also aiming at.