Sustainable Near-net-shape Fabrication of Low Environmental impact Receiver materials

The general objective of the proposed project SUNFLOWER is the development of highly efficient absorber structures for open volumetric receivers (OVR) for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants with low environmental impact. The project aims to improve the powder raw material processing (CO2-footprint), to optimize the absorber design, to improve the material composition for Aluminium-alloy and Silicon Carbide and the fabrication technique for the developed absorbers. In addition, it aims the testing and overall assessment of the improved structures. Combining the expertise on the materials, the fabrication process, the modelling, and operation, as well as commercialization, absorber structures allowing highest solar-to-electric conversion efficiency (up to 40%) and lowest environmental impact will be developed. Improving the high-temperature stable materials and the design of the absorbers for OVR CSP, the project focusses directly on the call module objectives to increase the technology performance and lifetime by use of new materials. Within the optimization process an innovative new absorber design will be developed, ensuring higher efficiency (active moving absorber concept). Moreover, the proposed project contributes to the objective to reduce the environmental impact by optimized fabrication process (sustainable raw material preparation and consumption, recycling approach, increase of durability), the use of air as heat transfer fluid and an optimized CSP plant size.