Industrial upscale of surface protection system & fibre optic-based condition monitoring for the SEASNAKE MVC (Medium Voltage Cables)

The main objective of SEASNAKE+ is to scale-up and demonstrate (TRL6-7) the dynamic medium voltage cable (dMVC) with improved lifetime by: easy clean paint; in-line in-situ paint application chamber; in-situ cleaning robot; giving to the cable new and scalable protection system and monitoring system. The SEASNAKE+ dMVC will be validated first at small scale in nearshore condition in two different sites (Swedish west coast and Mediterranean Sea) and once the full-scale prototypes will be ready, in real ocean environment in Mediterranean sea. SEASNAKE+ objectives and activities are based upon the learnings and proof-of-concept (TRL4) of a new lightweight (no armoring) and flexible cable carried out within the previous SEASNAKE (OCEANERANET COFUND).
SEASNAKE+ expands those efforts on European level as key gaps and opportunities has been identified during the projects for scaling up the production and integrate the protection system application into the production along with new sophisticated and innovative ways to measure cables movement (shape sense) and failure modes in an integrated fiber optic solution.