Demonstrating the NextGeneration of Direct Drive Generators for Wind Energy

NextGen is about demonstrating a new direct drive generator concept, which through the novel PTF-technology enables a high efficiency and an extremely high torque density. This makes it particularly interesting for wind power, where a NextGen generator is predicted to (i) increase the electricity production with 2-5 %, (ii) reduce the generator weight with up to 90 % and (iii) reduce the CO2 emissions per kWh with around 10 %, all compared to state-of-the-art options.

The general objective of NextGen is to design, test and validate the PTF-generator, and to assess what impact it would have, at a system level on the wind turbine. 

The project goals will be to:
1. Design and evaluate a a 10 MW direct drive generator wind power.
2. Validate the technology by testing a MW-sized prototype in a relevant environment  to raise TRL from 3 to 5.
3. Understand the potential impact at system level for different wind turbine types, helping accelerate time to market.

Due to the lack of standards and best practices for how to validate and test direct drive generators in general, and this novel technology in particular, an important part of the research will be to develop such methodologies.

Regarding relevance to the call, the project will align directly with the objective of “developing innovative components ensuring higher efficiency”. Thanks to the radical reduction in material use (including also several CRM), the project will also address both cross-cutting dimensions.