Highly flexible and modular PCM based thermal energy storage system for efficient heating applications in the built environment

The general objective of NewHeatIntegrated is the realization and demonstration of a next generation heat storage system, which is adapted to the operating conditions of modern carbon free heating systems as well as to the heat demand of energy customers. The technological objective is, firstly, to develop a phase change material that meets the complex material requirements imposed by the underlying heat storage concept. For this purpose, the cycle stability and thermal conductivity of the underlying salt hydrate are dramatically improved, while its necessary supercooling capability is not negatively affected. On the other hand, an existing heat storage system will be extended by a temperature module with the new storage material and tested and measured in an environment true to the application. Based on the results, the potential of integrating such a heat storage system as a power-to-heat component in a modern energy grid will be estimated. The relevance for TRI 7.2 of the funding call lies in the fact that the thermal storage system can be adapted to the individual needs of both new and existing buildings due to its modular design. Likewise, this allows the capacity of the system to be scaled to requirement profiles ranging from single-family homes to shopping centers to self-sufficient villages. The demonstration and evaluation of the system will be carried out in three different European countries to assess the impact of climate and corresponding energy infrastructure.