Hybrid wind turbine condition monitoring system for different weather conditions

The EU's energy transition demand integration of wind energy while further reducing Operation & Maintenance costs. At present, almost all turbines are maintained with time-based strategies, increasing the Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCoE). In accordance to SET Plan, HYBRID WIND will develop and demonstrate WT damage detection and monitoring system by pioneering new hybrid based methods, utilising advanced damage prediction modelling of components through the creation of Digital Twins (DTs).
HYBRID WIND will first research and develop several novel hybrid measurement/simulation/data analytics engineering strategies that will dramatically improve understanding of the real time behaviour and failure modes of the main components of the WTs under different weather conditions, to be integrated into a digital platform enabling many current physical inspections to be moved to DT simulations. HYBRID WIND second ambitious goal is to demonstrate the system on 2.2 MW turbine in operation, moving maintenance to predictive based schemes, thus minimizing the O&M costs.
The HYBRID WIND consortium assembles the best European academic expertise in diagnosis and prognosis for failure detection together with world-leading software manufacturer and European companies who are eager to exploit these newly developed tools within the wind energy sector. Experts from 11 entities from 4 countries are representing the service providers and WT operators, thus ensuring special focus on market reach.