Become a CETP evaluation expert

How to become an evaluation expert for the CETPartnership!

Nomination Process

The first step is to be nominated as an independent evaluation expert by a Funding Partner of the CETPartnership.. We suggest that you contact the Funding Partner in your home country and ask them to nominate you. If you are not from a country that is currently taking part in the CETPartnership we recommend that you contact the leader of the TRI in which your expertise is relevant. All Funding Partners in the CETPartnership can be found here:

Eligibility Criteria

Nominees must meet certain criteria, such as having expertise relevant to the projects being evaluated. Importantly, evaluation experts must not be affiliated with any active project proposal or the CETPartnership/TRIs in any way. This ensures impartiality and maintains the integrity of the evaluation process.

Annual Joint Calls

The CETPartnership conducts annual Joint Calls, typically opening in September each year. When the annual Joint Call opens, the CETPartnership Call Management will invite experts in the database on DISCOO to become evaluation experts for that year’s call. This email The invitation will contain essential information about the upcoming call, guidelines for evaluation, timeline, and any specific details pertinent to the projects under consideration.

Embrace Diversity

The CETPartnership values diversity and is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive community of experts. Nominees from any nationality or country of residence are welcome. This inclusivity enriches the evaluation process by incorporating a wide range of perspectives and experiences. We strive to align with the European Union's goals by actively working towards achieving a balanced representation, aiming for at least 50% women in our expert pool and selection.