CM2023-10 (A/B): Clean energy integration in the built environment
Joint call 2023

This Call Module aims to enable transnational projects which develop and provide new solutions for the built environment from a pure energy consumer towards becoming a prosumer (producer-consumers) of renewable energy and from a passive to an active role in the future energy landscape. 

This should be achieved by focusing on the physical, technical and (where applicable) aesthetical integration of clean energy conversion technologies for power, heat and cold into buildings and more generally into the built infrastructure which thereby become integrated and active parts in energy networks (power, heat and cold).

The integration of electricity and heat storage as well as the integration of mobility concepts is also in the focus of this module. The objective is to attract project consortia from the energy, building and construction research and industry to work together on holistic solutions for the future built environment. 

Projects can apply either as ROA (CM2023-10A) or IOA (CM2023-10B) based on the target TRLs.