CM2023-03 (A/B): Advanced renewable energy (RE) technologies for power production
Joint call 2023

The Call Module 'Breakthrough R&I projects to increase RE efficiency or reduce costs' aims to support the clean energy transition by delivering performing RE technologies integrated into the energy system. The challenge is to ensure a new generation of cost-effective, scalable and transferrable RE technologies power generation, with higher conversion efficiencies, embedding circularity and sustainability (use of resources and life cycle) issues.

The Call Module is open to all the portfolio of zero-emission RE technologies in TRI2’s scope, but the specific focus is on RE technologies contributing to power production such as onshore and offshore wind, ocean and marine (wave, tidal, ocean thermal and salinity gradient), solar energy (PV based technology, including PVT, PVH, STE-CSP), bioenergy for power generation, coupling of different RE technologies for power production and/or generation of different energy carriers.

CM2023-03A calls for ROA (Research-Oriented Approach) projects, and CM2023-03B calls for IOA (Innovation-Oriented Approach) projects.